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(1)  Book Title: Air and Water Pollution Regulation: Accomplishments and Economic Consequences. Contributors: Martin Freedman - author, Bikki Jaggi - author. Publisher: Quorum Books.

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The Green Effect of Green Chx:

Save Clean Water Supplies - Paper making uses a great deal of water, frequently from diminishing groundwater supplies.  "Each year pulp and paper plants use about 2 trillion gallons of water in the United States alone!  Most of the water is not consumed; instead, it is used in the manufacturing process and then returned to the waterways. If the discharged water is not treated properly before being returned, it will carry a variety of waste matter." (1)

Save Trees - Americans discard 4 million tons of office paper every year.  That's enough to build a 12 foot high wall of paper from New York to California.  The results of deforestation play a significant role in driving climate change and has a dramatic impact on the loss of habitat for countless animal species.  "Forests store 50% of the world's terrestrial carbon. (In other words, they are awfully important "carbon sinks" that hold onto pollution that would otherwise lead to global warming.)" (2) Reducing paper consumption is a clear benefit of choosing the Green Chx paperless payroll solution.

Save Electricity - Paper making is energy intensive, drawing larges amount of electricity from public utilities, or even forcing mills to build their own power plants. 

Reduce Solid Waste - Paper making generally produces a large amount of solid waste.  Paper mill sludges and other waste such as end up in landfills.  This waste can include fibers, bark, uncooked wood chips, and dirt; dissolved solids such as carbohydrates and soluble wood matters; and cooking and bleaching chemicals.  Worse yet, some of the wastes are landspread on cropland as a disposal technique, raising concerns about trace contaminants building up in soil or running off into area lakes and streams.   Some paper companies burn their sludge in incinerators. (1)

Reduce Greenhouse Gases - The pulp and paper industry is the fourth largest emitter of greenhouse gases among manufacturing industries, and contributes 9 percent of total manufacturing carbon dioxide emissions.   The climate change effects of paper carry all the way through to disposal. If paper is landfilled rather than recycled, it decomposes and produces methane, a greenhouse gas with 23 times the heat-trapping power of carbon dioxide.  The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has identified the decomposition of paper as among the most significant sources of landfill methane. (2)

Save Ink - Ink and toner cartridges are made from plastic. Plastic in turn is made from oil. While there is a trend toward more environmentally friendly soy and water based inks, some inks present health and environmental hazards because they may contain hazardous heavy metals, toxic stabilizers or even volatile organic compounds which contribute to pollution.  There's also the energy that goes into making the cartridge itself.  In addition, more oil or coal is burned to generate the electricity required to produce the ink and the cartridges and distribute the ink to stores.  In addition, many spent ink cartridges end up in landfills.

Reduce Air and Soil Pollution - The production of paper and ink, as well as their disposal, contributes pollution in the form of CO2 emissions and other waste products. "Chlorine bleaching paper mills emit many persistent toxic chemicals, including dioxins and hundreds of other organochlorines, lead, arsenic, mercury, phenols, etc. Once in the environment, persistent toxic chemicals do not go away. They are picked up by the earth's life system and bioaccumulate millions of times as they are passed up the food chain to fish-eating birds, and mammals (including humans)." (3)

Save Fuel - The process of producing paper and ink, as well as packaging and distributing it, consumes large quantities of fuel.  Each gallon of gasoline burned creates 20 pounds of CO2. Choosing Green Chx for your payroll needs also contributes to fuel conservation by eliminating employees driving to the bank each pay period and eliminating the need for a courier driver to deliver check stubs and reports to your business location each pay period.
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Paperless payroll saves more than trees.   It saves fuel, electricity, clean water and more.  It also reduces landfill, CO2 & other waste products.

Choosing Green Chx encourages sustainability within your own company as well as from the organizations you  do business with.
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