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Phone:  941-365-8123
Fax:      941-365-8125

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5200 Station Way
Sarasota, FL 34233
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Earth Friendly

Paperless payroll saves more than trees.   It saves fuel, electricity, clean water and more.  It also reduces landfill, CO2 & other waste products.

Choosing Green Hex encourages sustainability within your own company as well as from the organizations you  do business with.
Business Friendly

Simply call, email or enter your payroll hours online.   That's it.  Green Chx takes care of the rest.   We file payroll taxes for you and your employees are paid electronically.

Online access for employers and employees makes Green Chx simple, cost effective and time efficient.
Budget Friendly

Get your online quote in less than 1 minute.  No hassles.  No sales pressure. 

You can implement sustainable payroll practices for the same price or less than it would cost  for you to support a traditional paper based payroll company.