Paperless Payroll Solutions That Help You Get Where You Want to Be.

As a business owner you know that running a business is hard work. You also know that success often depends on surrounding yourself with good people who can help you get where you want to be. That's where Green Chx comes in - as a paperless solution and a key outsourcing partner for your business. If you are searching for a paperless payroll processing company to save you time and money while helping you focus on running your business, Green Chx can help you get there.  If you want to contribute to the conservation of our natural resources by reducing consumption of paper, energy and fossil fuels as well as decreasing carbon emissions and pollution, then Green Chx can help you get there too.

Green Chx Environmental Policy Statement

“The management and staff at Green Chx are committed to the preservation and protection of natural resources through policies that are consistent with environmental sustainability.  In support of this commitment we will endeavor to incorporate environmentally responsible business practices into all levels of our organization.  Such practices will fully consider applicable legal requirements and governmental regulations.  Environmental policy initiatives will strive to focus on goal and action oriented strategies that will enable Green Chx to continually improve upon existing practices over time.  In addition, Green Chx will seek to become proactive in reaching out to other members of our community in a positive and constructive manner to encourage and support environmentally responsible activities from those around us.”

Paperless Payroll is Simple and Affordable. Make the Switch Today.

For about the same price or less than a traditional paper based payroll company and often for less than it would cost for you to do it yourself, Green Chx provides your business with a total paperless payroll processing solution. Your service will include electronic payroll checks (via direct deposit or a Visa payroll debit card), complete tax filing services in all 50 states (we file, report and deposit all payroll taxes on your behalf), paperless payroll reports, 24/7 online access to detailed paperless payroll data for both employers and employees, comprehensive HR functions and much much more. Paperless payroll is simple, cost effective and time efficient.  It is also a way for your business to contribute to the conservation of our natural resources and the reduction of pollution in our environment. When compared to traditional paper based payroll solutions, we think you'll find that there's really no comparison at all.
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Earth Friendly

Paperless payroll saves more than trees.   It saves fuel, electricity, clean water and more.  It also reduces landfill, CO2 & other waste products.

Choosing Green Chx encourages sustainability within your own company as well as from the organizations you  do business with.
Business Friendly

Simply call, email or enter your payroll hours online.   That's it.  Green Chx takes care of the rest.   We file payroll taxes for you and your employees are paid electronically.

Online access for employers and employees makes Green Chx simple, cost effective and time efficient.
Budget Friendly

Get your online quote in less than 1 minute.  No hassles.  No sales pressure. 

You can implement sustainable payroll practices for the same price or less than it would cost  for you to support a traditional paper based payroll company.