Environmental Benefits

Obviously paperless payroll saves trees.  However, there are many additional benefits to the environment.  For example the production of paper and ink, as well as their disposal, contributes pollution in the form of CO2 emissions and other waste products.  Chlorine bleaching paper mills emit toxic chemicals that contaminate our air, soil and clean water supplies.  Less fuel is burned by eliminating courier delivery of paper checks,  employee trips to the bank to cash checks and trucks delivering paper and ink to the stores.  Paperless payroll also conserves electricity.  The process of making paper is extremely energy intensive, so much so that some paper mills actually construct their own power plants.  Electricity is also saved by not printing payroll checks and reports each pay period.
Green Chx Paperless Payroll.    Simple,  Sustainable and Affordable.
Earth Friendly

Paperless payroll saves more than trees.   It saves fuel, electricity, clean water and more.  It also reduces landfill, CO2 & other waste products.

Choosing Green Chx encourages sustainability within your own company as well as from the organizations you  do business with.
Budget Friendly

Get your online quote in less than 1 minute.  No hassles.  No sales pressure. 

You can implement sustainable payroll practices for the same price or less than it would cost  for you to support a traditional paper based payroll company.
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Business Friendly

Simply call, email or enter your payroll hours online.   That's it.  Green Chx takes care of the rest.   We file payroll taxes for you and your employees are paid electronically.

Online access for employers and employees makes Green Chx simple, cost effective and time efficient.
"Green Pay" Employee Giving

Do you have a favorite green charity or environmental cause that your organization would like to support?  The "Green Pay" employee giving plan is a great way to pool your organizations resources for a worthy cause.   The Green Pay program allows  employees to voluntarily deduct $1 or more from each paycheck to be donated to the green charity of your choice.  At the end of each calendar quarter a donation will be made in your companies name.

Employees can view their year to date giving totals on their electronic pay stubs each week.  Employers can track the overall company giving totals with one simple online report.
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Green Chx is a unique paperless payroll provider.  We deliver sustainable, cutting edge payroll services to business owners and managers just like you.  Choosing Green Chx is a great way to help minimize the overall environmental footprint of your organization.  You'll find our comprehensive payroll and tax filing solutions solutions are not only earth friendly, but business friendly and budget friendly as well.  Here's how it works.  Simply call, email or enter your payroll hours online.   That's it.  Green Chx takes care of the rest.   We file payroll taxes on your behalf and your employees are paid electronically via direct deposit or a Visa payroll debit card.  You have 24/7 online access to all payroll reports.  Your employees have instant web access to all of their check stubs and personal pay data
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